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About Us

Axiom Intervention and Case Management Services (AICMS) is devoted to guiding families and their loved ones to long-term recovery from substance abuse and/or mental health challenges. Our team will be here through each step of the intervention and recovery process to ensure the family and loved ones have everything they need. AICMS is dedicated to helping individuals and their families by providing concierge-level services including clinical and nursing assessments, individualized treatment planning, aiding and assisting in placement, and case management as needed.

Axiom’s objective is to treat and improve the lives of those suffering from substance use disorders and mental health challenges. Dr. Sanchez and Jennifer Johnston have over 42 years of experience, training, and education specifically tailored to working with individuals and families in the substance use/mental health field. Between the clinical and nursing assessments, AICMS will provide an in-depth initial evaluation, a customized treatment plan, and placement recommendations to you or your loved one.

Meet the Team

Mads Murphy

Mads Murphy, BS 

Patient Care and Services Coordinator

Mads Murphy joined Axiom Intervention and Case Management Services team as the Patient Care and Services Coordinator. She graduated from the University of Central Florida in 2021 with a Bachelor’s degree in Clinical Psychology. Mads has personal experience with loved ones who have suffered from substance and alcohol abuse. She has a true passion to help those who are in need.

Hours of Operation



Mon - Fri            8:00 am - 8:00 pm 

Sat - Sun           By appointment 


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