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Placement Services

Based on your loved one's diagnostic impression, the AICMS team will conduct a pre-treatment interview to ensure your loved one enters into a treatment facility that is appropriately matched for their current presentation. We consider the following during this process:

  • Mental Health Status

  • Drug of Choice

  • Detoxification, if needed

  • Physical Disabilities

  • Insurance Eligibility (determine financial responsibility)

  • Family History (e.g., domestic violence, sexual abuse)

  • Special Financial Needs

  • Special Dietary Needs

  • Previous Medical Conditions

  • Special Housing Requirements

  • Gender and Sexual Orientation


In addition, we provide several key highlights about each facility, including: 

  • Facility Accreditation & Better Business Bureau History

  • Family Weekends

  • Additional Treatment Costs (detoxification medication, transportation, additional doctor visits, psychiatric consultations, family counseling)

  • Clinical Details

  • Facility Location Information

  • Housing Information

  • Gender Composition

  • Recreation & Activities

At AICMS, we maximize our intervention strategies and placement by liaising with the client, their families, and treatment providers. We do not have an affiliation with any treatment facility and we research the training of the medical and clinical staff for any treatment programs that we may recommend. 

This allows us to do our best work and to ensure that every possible effort is made to achieve a successful treatment outcome for our patients. Because we are not employed by and do not receive payment of any kind from any of the treatment centers we recommend, we are able to make unbiased treatment recommendations to guide you in your decision-making process.

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