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Our Services

Our trained interventionist helps clients access the services needed to meet their mental health needs, achieve lasting recovery, and live independently in their communities. We have more than 42 years of combined experience and can adapt our approaches as necessary to provide the highest level of clinical and ethical care for our clients.

We work closely with each individual to create a comprehensive, personalized, and holistic treatment plan, based on our assessment of your functioning, individual needs, and strengths. The plan may include both short-range and long-range goals, depending on your unique health, wellness, and safety concerns and the time it is going to take to effectively address your issues.

We can coordinate services with other providers to help each client achieve the specific, measurable, and realistic goals within their individualized treatment plan. Services include:

  • Individualized In-Home Assessment

  • Substance Abuse & Mental Health Examination

  • Individualized Treatment Placement

  • Nursing and Medication Assessments

  • Concierge Individualized Interventions

  • Placement Services

  • Concierge Crisis Care Management

  • Clinically Supported Sober Transport

  • Clinically Supported Sober Companionship

Get Help Now: 954-232-4856

Help your loved one take the first step toward recovery.

Hours of Operation



Mon - Fri            8:00 am - 8:00 pm 

Sat - Sun           By appointment 


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